Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twelfth Night, and we're opening Saturday!

The live blog was on hiatus while we were feverishly working on set, lines, costumes, technical aspects, and everything else associated with the play.  But now, we're starting to do full runs of the performance, which means that all of the ancillary work is winding down.  And now, we can just have fun hanging out in the Green Room with a lot of hilarious people.

So we've already started with the hilarity:

6:10:  Rick is pontificating about the need to bring in some urine absorption for the gents bathroom, which led to a whole interesting discussion of bathroom habits of men and women, which led to:

6:11:  Jerry:  "I'm eating over here."  Wendy:  "So, Hepatitis-C...."

6:18:  Jayce, looking in the green room fridge:  "Wow, there's actually nothing growing fuzz in here for once.  And we've also gotten rid of the props from last year...."

6:19:  Joel:  "I thought they were dog treats.  They looked like rawhide donuts."

6:20:  Jayce:  "I can remember a 45 minute segment while in 3rd grade that has absolutely no relevance to anything."

6:29:  Don Quixote's brother, Juan Quixote.

6:36:  J. P.: "I should probably get dressed."

6:44:  Wendy:  "You should take some of that industrial grade deodorant and rub it on your legs."

7:52:  Well, I left for a while to go warm up for this run, and apparently nobody wanted to live blog.  Anyway, we have a run starting in 8 minutes; so perhaps more soon while I'm not out on the stage....

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