Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twelfth Night, day 6.

And welcome.  We have built some platforms and some pedestals and brought in some furniture, so the space is starting to be roughed in.  The tabula rasa is filling with kitsch, one of the hallmarks of DG shows.  So, without any delay, let's jump right in:

2:02:  "Part of the closing ritual every night needs to be making sure Joel isn't still downstairs."

So I've seen the publicity shots, and they are fantastic.  I mean, like ankle-breakingly good.  Like, "Oh, so THAT'S what you mean by Steampunk?  My patella just dislocated in glee.  My nipples explode with delight."  That sort of thing.

2:24:  "He's kvetching, you're trying to placate him, that sort of thing."  Any Yiddish words automatically get mentioned.

2:27:  We might have to have somebody actually learn to play the viol d'gamboys. Apparently it's like a cello.

3:03:  And Spain is up 1-0 on Italy at Euro2012.  Yes, that is actually a sporting reference in a theatre. 

3:13:  The director is carrying a riding crop.  The actors are looking a little more nervous, especially Malvolio. 

3:15:  "Aren't I clever?  Aren't I sparkly and fabulous?"

3:31:  And Spain, 2-0.  It's a tall order for Italy to come back from that.

3:42:  "It's a little stalker-y."

4:01:  Antonio still has lines and Sebastian is long gone.  Might be a good time for a direct aside.  Manfriend: "And, follow him?"  Jerry:  "Yes, skipping, please."

4:09:  Joel is all about nerd-pride.  And Michele gives him credit for being a Renaissance man.

4:09:  Rick: "Go ahead, touch it."  Anne:  "Ooh, look at the action on that thing!"  Rick:  "You should feel the vibration on it.  I call it, 'Bob.'"

4:28:  3-0 to Spain.  It's pretty much over.

4:33:  "If you're going to do this, it's got to look like a compromising position."

4:33-4:37:  Words can't do this justice.  It would be futile.

4:46:  And Spain wins, 4-0.  

8:47:  Sorry to be away from it so long.  I know a lot of funny stuff has happened while I've been floating around, having dinner, being in scenes, and in trying on costumes.  Maybe I will have the blog up and available for everyone to add things as needed.

8:49:  Evan wants to be on the blog tonight. 

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