Monday, July 2, 2012

Twelfth Night, rehearsal 7.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the beautiful and fantastic Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC!  It's a beautiful night for a rehearsal, there's not a cloud in the ceiling.  And I think everyone is looking forward to Director Jerrold Scott's attempt to win yet another rehearsal from the Twelfth Night cast.  Last night, Jerry went to the riding crop to emphasize his points; thankfully, he was actually the only one to be injured by said riding crop last night, so the actors were lucky to have escaped the range of his weaponry.  So tonight, there won't be fireworks--those are two days away--but I am absolutely certain that there will be excitement and joy a-plenty.  So we're about to begin:  let's see what happens tonight.

7:12:  "I think it's just fists."

7:13:  Jerry:  "I like your secret stick.  Cane."

7:15:  Rick:  "I have no lines, I was holding the book as protection."

7:19:  Anne just gave Jerry the riding crop again.  Ohh, boy.  Twenty minutes in, and he's already got to go to the whip...

7:24:  Jerry has now gone to a German accent and is threatening to kill us all.

7:27:  And we have Jayce's favorite line of this show in 4.1.  And he also just did a plie.

7:34:  We're just going to strap Malvolio to the top of the car.

7:36:  Matt:  "I feel like I'm in Disneyworld."  Rick:  "There's a little man in the boat."  And Matt is having fun trying to be off-book while in the box.  Check Manfriend's or Samantha Else's facebook page for the photo.

7:42:  Jayce:  "His majesty looks like the piss boy."  Anne:  "Don't break Matt."

7:44:  "I think I will see if Kevin can keep him as dark as possible until he is activated."

8:08:  "Once you are off-book, I think you should contact one another."

8:09: "The street scene about a giant's ass."

8:21: "I think this gives you woka-woka room."

8:26: "Orsino doesn't need back-up singers."

8:27: Jerry: "Are you cuffed? Behind or in front?" Stephen: *quizzical look* Jayce: "Do you cuff behind or in front?" Jerry: "Do you have a cuffing preference?"

8:30: Jerry "Hey Joel, I want to make a line change -- can you give up your candy?" Joel: "Again?!" ...Jerry: "Orsino did not get his M&Ms and now he's pissed."

8:35: "It is like spider-sense, but not..."

8:36: "Do that again with less suck-titude."

8:37: Andy and Miranda attempt to Indian leg wrestle....

8:49: "Directing is geometry. Thank God because it was the only math I could pass."

9:07: "What do steampunk injuries look like?! ... I don't know ... Bleeding gears.... Oil...?!?!"

9:13: "I hate a drunken rogue" -W.S. (or was it Jayce? Oh goodness, where is a script when I need one?)

9:18: "You're a fickle bitch Sebastian."

9:29: Jerry: "Turn out Andy... No butt acting in my plays" Andy: "It is my best side" Jerry: "...I have nothing constructive to say..."

9:35: Speed through commences.
9:38: Phyllis and Andy compete for speediest coherent Shakespearean.
9:40: Cesario: "I'M LOST!"
9:42: Jerry: "NO BUTT ACTING! Learn!" [demonstrates] ...riding crop becomes metronome.
9:45: End.

Shakespearean O's are not punishment, they are propellers. Use them. (Jerry makes my heart happy)

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