Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Live blogging the DG table session for Psycho Beach Party!

Psycho Beach Party is under way!  We are in the second evening; after our table reading last night, which was absolutely hilarious and painfully funny, we are all tremendously excited about this show.
So we are going to be live blogging occasionally and having a good time keeping you up-to-date with what is going on in the rehearsal space.  :-)

So I have missed some hilarious stuff because of some social activism (gotta wreck Nikki Haley's veto of arts funding somehow), but let's try to see what other brilliant things emerge tonight...

7:31:  Mother-lovin' java.  It's new on the menu at Starbucks...

7:32:  Jayce is explaining the bowling balls versus pompadours. Well, there it is.

7:33:  There has to be an uncomfortable silence after "He looks like a six-foot wiener."

7:36:  And it's Rick with the new line reading:  "You're a good cat, Star Guy..."

7:37:  Anne:  "This is the Arthur Miller section."

8:25:   Dadgumit!  Lost an hour worth of really good stuff.  Let's see what I can remember.

8:12:  Debra:  "I can't get all my sex lines."  Which is exactly the reason the rest of us are here.

7:46:  Rick is funnier when he messes up.

8:10:  Matt to Harrison:  "Are all your lines before mine?"

8:02:  Its worth the price of admission to hear Joel say "sexual intercourse."

7:51:  At some point, Matty was talking about bananas in his fly....

Jayce and Joel are the only one who got the reference to that one surf song that no one else knows.

8:36:  Reached intermission.  And another dance break, just like Rick likes in improv shows...

Oh, we decided that this blog is going to go to our legislators as a reason to NOT cut arts funding.  Because can you imagine what would happen with a city full of bored actors and performers?

I don't care who you are, "As red as your ass when I finish spanking you" is a tough line to get through.

Chris Onken storytelling.  Chris says to Rick: "Rick, you need to get a 'V'."  Rick:  "What would I do with a 'V'."  Chris:  "Anything you want...."

8:49:  Steinbeck:  "Women have the minds of whores and the vaginas of Presbyterians."

8:49:  Anne:  "God, I hope that was Steinbeck and not one of my ex-boyfriends."

8:52:  Evan:  The William Inge quote is:  "Women have the minds of Presbyterians and the vaginas of whores."

8:54:  Matty:  "You're a one of a kind chick, girl-let...."

8:56:  Someone needs to cut Matty off....  :)  "It was cut when I was born, you can't cut it again...."

8:59:  Jayce:  "It's like a drug addict trying to justify his addiction..."  It's really good.

9:00:  Matty gives us the word "Rectum" in slow motion.  Well played, Matty.  Well played.

9:03:  Beach music sounds like peckers flying off.  And there is more than one person who arrived at that conclusion independently.

9:04:  Jayce:  "There's more of an attempt to Betty Crocker the hell out of this situation."  And in a contemporary context, Paula Deen.

9:11:  Rick:  "She swallowed beaver."

9:12:  Evan:  "Keep the rectum, but lose the beaver."

9:24:  And now, the show is a PSA; statistics and everything. 

9:28:  Moby Dick would be so much different if it started, "Call me Herbert Mullen."

9:30:  And that's it for the read through!  Sorry we lost a bit in the middle, but if you know us at all, you'll know that there are enough hilarious people here that it was all fantastically good stuff.  Follow us on twitter @distractedglobe, facebook, everywhere else.  Show opens July 19!

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