Thursday, July 5, 2012

Twelfth Night Rehearsal - the fifth of July

Tonight's a working rehearsal for the Viola / Orsino scenes. After last night's mid-week yet weekend-esque celebration of our nation's independence, we are all a little subdued, but nevertheless ready to work...

We have made significant progress on the set over the last two days. Jayce worked straight through  the 4th of July party, while an ever-shifting group of company members and party guests came in to watch him paint and build - a few of us even picked up a paint brush ourselves. Next year we might sell tickets. Though we're not sure if it qualifies as performance art, or if we need to get licensed as a zoo. And today, we had some wonderful volunteers and of course the fabulous and sun-proof Maranda working on the floor treatment, construction of set elements, and assisting the amazing and hummingbird-metabolized Liz on costumes.  In unrelated news, Jerry is fighting a bit of crankiness. He had his car washed this afternoon, which prompted a rainstorm. His afternoon snack fell prey to the Carolina heat...

But we'll do our best to help him overcome these obstacles by working extra hard tonight.

Besides, he still has that riding crop.

There's a tempest brewing outside. Wind and rain and thunder. But inside? You be the judge.

7:17 - It's kind of like a Groundhog Day situation for Orsino. Everyday could be the day he finally gets her.

7:19 - Orsino's a junkie. His addiction? Melancholy.

7:20 -  Jerry -  "Servant. Footman. Minion. I guess that leaves you as piss boy."

7:23 -  Jerry: "this is why Orsino's army lost to Antonio."  Andy: "We didn't have the right soundtrack."

7:24 - Jerry to Curio: "not so OPENLY hostile. He IS the Duke. We still have to pretend."

7:26 - that awkward moment when you realize that Orsino is not a feminist.

7:38 - it is revealed that Orsino is not the only one who is experiencing Groundhog Day type moments, as Curio and Valentine and Feste make their entrance for the 7th time - only to hear "let's take that again." almost immediately. Jerry: "Isn't theatre glamorous?"

7: 44 -  Jerry: "Minutiae. But it's important minutiae!" 

7:50 - Jerry - "That was wonderful work! Take it one more time. Let's make sure it wasn't a fluke."

7:51 - Phyllis /  Feste begins to sing like an angel. And the heavens accompany her with thunder....

7:58 - Curio and Valentine ARE Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

8: 06 - Jerry schools Andy on how to pronounce "Anti-thesis", Southern-style....

8:10 - Andy earns one punched pronoun. Atta boy!

8:15 - Viola puts out the big "what if."

8:17 - Heidi brings tears to our eyes...

8:20 -  Andy: "Can I try that again with some diction?"

8:22 -  Regarding Orsino's change in interest - "Give her this...jewel" -  Jerry's translation - "I don't really give a   $#*^ anymore! Give her this...roll of toilet paper. Give her my checkbook. Whatever."

8:31 - Jerry: "Okay, next up is Valentine's sabotage scene."

8:31 - Michele: "I love having influence without a big line load."

8:36 - Jerry: "I'm telling a fabulous story. You should all listen."

8:40 - Jerry: "You're getting lost in your servants, and we don't want that."

8:46 - Jerry: "alright let's try this ONE MORE time. And then I may cut all of it."

8:47 - Jerry - "One more time. I lied. I'm a terrible liar. Dance, monkeys! Dance!"

8:53 - Jerry: " you should have your moment together. It's always better when you suffer together rather than

8:55 - Jerry is now working the downstage perimeter, riding crop in hand.

8:59 - Curio and Valentine are no longer alone in the litterbox. Orsino just climbed in.

9:02 -  Jerry: "It's really Cheez-Whiz, but I actually like it." 

9:19 - sometimes a riding crop is just a riding crop. Until it becomes a wand. Expecto patronum! 

9:23 - Andy pulls Jerry's ass out of the fire. We're all good friends here.

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