Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

It's the birthday of the Distracted Globe; we are 8 years old today!  We will be live blogging today because it's a working birthday; we will be throwing down on Twelfth Night again today, hoping to run all the scenes in the show at some point of the day.  So to bring us up to speed:  the set is making tremendous progress in the building and painting aspects, costumes are picking up steam, and Jerry is abusing the actors just enough to keep them off-balance....

1:30:  Rick is asking Siri some questions she doesn't want to answer, apparently.

1:50:  The actors are starting to trickle in.  Coffee is well represented so far; at least half of the actors have some sort of cup in their hand.

2:00: Vocal warmups by Matt Reece.  Unfortunately, we none of us kept our vocal warmup sheets from Merchant, so we're trying to go from memory...

2:25:  Orsino and his hyper-active hopeless romanticism....

2:44:  Entrance again to watch J.P. limp across the stage.  When there is a shipwreck, people end up limping.

3:01:  1.3 would be still more awesome with Rick doing a solo act.

3:03-3:20:  Orsino scene.  I'm not going to get into the details, but, well, yeah...

3:55:  Rick is a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

4:03:  Sebastian is Freudian slipping.

5:00:  Breaking for a couple hours in the middle to give the actors a little chance to unwind a bit. 

7:00:  And, we're back.

7:03:  Jerry is most assuredly NOT admonishing.

7:05:  Jerry: "Next weekend is tech."  Jayce:  "Stop SAYING that!"

7:07:  The storyland of Illyria.

7:10:  Rick:  "No, faith, I'll not stay a jot longer!"  Jayce:  "For God's sake, let me get to the page!"

7:14:  "Upstage.  It's a technical term, I should have used something easier."

7:21:  We need a sound effect for demagnetizing.

7:33:  And we have slobbering on hands.  Well, it's all one.

7:34:  Jerry:  "Anne, I wonder if there's any room for more bad acting here."  Anne:  "Oh, yes, absolutely!" 

7:39:  Anne:  "No, this is great.  This is better than the real housewives."

8:15:  "Let's repeat with less horribleness."

8:22:  And now we are dealing with premature enunciation.  One of the problems of age...

8:25:  It looks sort of like a bad episode of "Cops" over here.

8:59:  Fabian can butt act, but not Orsino.  Where is the justice?!

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