Saturday, June 30, 2012

Twelfth Night Saturday read-through.

Welcome to the Saturday read-through of Twelfth Night!  We are now meeting the director, Jerrold Scott, and the requisite introductions and background.

So his perspective?  This is kind of a problem play: the major sub-plot is far more interesting to Shakespeare than the plot, Viola is fairly passive as a protagonist, the comedy works itself toward uncomfortable, the play can be a little unsettling.  So it's an Elizabethan version of "Friends."

Major theme:  Escapism.  Steampunk as a metaphorical representation of escapism.  Illyria is Steampunk nirvana; yet the characters are trying to forget the awfulness in their lives.  And escapism is intoxicating; but what happens when escapism gets too serious?

4:25:  "I don't want Twelfth Night to be emo."

4:31:  "We don't want to be clever with concept choices.  The point is the primacy of the text."

4:33:  "Americans are starved for beautiful excess in language.  Language is paramount, language is sacrosanct."

4:41:  Show-And-Tell!  Set design, costume design.

5:02:  "Find the universal in the specific."

5:04:  "We can discover what it wants to be."

Rather than a machete and chainsaw, it's cut with tweezers and pinking shears.

6:18:  Jokes will be noted with a "wocka-wocka!"

6:30:  "I am in love with Antoniolivia!"

Final table reading...please stand by...

Yeah.  This show is going to be hilarious.  Malvolio is taking direct asides to the Stage Manager.  I think Jaime is quite enjoying the attention. Though she is also turning six shades of red....

8:48:  And the sequel is Thirteenth Night, where Malvolio returns and kills everyone.

9:07:  "You're in a great place.  Well, don't want to shoot myself in the foot.  I am VERY concerned..."

9:09:  "You need to jump.  Otherwise, I'll push..."

And we are breaking to start building and whatnot.  Have a lovely evening, all!

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