Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 27th.

Sorry we are a little late in starting this evening, ladies and gentlemen.  We are in the middle of a photo call featuring several members of the Twelfth Night ensemble; Olivia, Malvolio, Sir Toby, and Feste.  Perhaps we will have an exclusive sneak-peek of the look of Twelfth Night on the blog?

7:21:  Serenaded by Tom Waits singing every song ever written.  Currently, the Tom Waits' cover of "Purple Rain."  It's a duet between Rick and Evan currently, but more might join in with the smoky death-warmed-over aesthetic...

7:23:  Jaime just went for the booty, with the claim that, "It is addicting."

7:26:  Evan thinks he might look semi-attractive in this show.  It's a dream, Evan.  It's only a dream....

7:27:  Don't write things about people when they're sitting right next to you.  Ouch.

7:28:  "Everyone has fondled that booty.  It's close to sloppy tenths by now."

7:29:  Pirate's Booty, the delicious puffed snack.  C'mon, everyone.  Get your minds out of the gutter.

7:33:  Malvolio's costume is reminiscent of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Don't Come Around Here No More."  Youtube that song; it's well worth your time.

7:42:  Thanks to Valentine Wolfe, we will have Feste Karaoke.

7:44:  Amelia Earhardt, The Musical.  (Ask Rick and Evan.)

7:45:  1.3 is the starting point.  Toby and the Beagle.  Which, incidentally, would be another good name for a band.

7:55:  Olivia needs a lot of toast.

8:01:  All the definitions and permutations of "accost."

8:01:  Anne:  "Permission to punch the pronoun, sir?"  Jayce:  "Granted!"

8:02:  Rick needs to be an octopus to hit all potential locations of the buttery-bar.

8:05:  Blame it on beef when it's actually syphillis.  Rick:  "Syphillis:  the other white meat."

8:08:  Someone is going to milk someone else.  And we're not going to say who it might be.

8:10:  It's traditional to see Aguecheek wearing a blonde pageboy.

8:16:  Dance to condiment to prostitute to the back-trick.  And Sir Toby's response to that:  "Wherefore are these things hid?"

8:22:  And on to 1.5.

8:43:  A discussion of inductive and deductive reasoning.  Sherlock Holmes used inductive reasoning far more often than deductive reasoning.

8:47:  "I wear not motley in my brain."

8:52:  Caught Malvolio with his mouth full of chocolate.

8:57:  Break time.

9:01:  Jayce:  "Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are both complete dork-nuggets."

9:07:  Jelly Belly face!  Very similar to a pistachio face, but sweeter.

9:16:  "None of us are perceptive enough to notice this kid in drag."

9:23:  The Cambridge gives you the sense of, "Well, if you HAVE to look this up.... Our children know this from the womb."

9:26:  Rhydwyn!

9:35:  "He was going to kill me, and then I left."

10:09:  It's not that we're not updating.  We're just knocking out scenes quickly. 

10:26:  Everyone say it with me now:  "Gorboduc."

10:27:  Sir Topas might be a Southern preacher.

10:30:  We found the moment where Sir Toby is sober!

 10:32:  "I will help you toot."

And we are about to close it down for the evening.  We have to clean up the space and put things in order for the Applied Theatre Conference tomorrow.  So good night, everyone, and back at it tomorrow!

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