Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twelfth Night, Tuesday, June 26th.

And after a fantastic rehearsal last night, where we met everyone and read 1.1 to 2.2, we are back for another terrific evening of Shakespeare with a motley collection of slightly strange people!  We are starting a little later tonight; but now that the coffee is brewed, the snacks have been safely stowed, and the cast is filtering into the functionally lovely Warehouse Theatre space, the live blog will begin on the first funny thing that Wendy says.  And that is:

6:57:  Wendy:  "I ate at the taco hut down the street.  Bad idea.  I am already starting to feel it."

6:58:  Editorial note:  I don't censor.  I just record....

6:59:  Breann brings a bowl of water in a ceremonial manner.  It is time for the ritual face-washing.  It's a little more difficult since the water is in plastic bottles, but we soldier on....

7:02:  The poof, the first piece of the Twelfth Night set, is here in the space!  And we are now met....

7:04:  Andy:  "I drink coffee for the taste..."

7:04:  Rick:  "I don't need booty."

7:05:  Jayce:  "Steampunk is exploded Victorian."  Discussion of the merger of style aesthetic and technology.

7:11:  Jayce is trying to reconcile being Irish and an Anglophile.

7:16:  Jayce:  "Malvolio loses his mind and comes out looking like 'Panic at the Disco.'"

7:22:  And Jayce is filling us in on all the things that we missed last night.  Things like public/private address, the difference between soliloquies and monologues, pitch bridging, stationing (driving toward the punctuation as if it were a destination), rhetorical engines, and the like.  Still more of the incredibleness that is Shakespeare.  Don't you wish you were here?

7:47:  Rick loves "strumpet."

7:52:  E. M. W. Tilliard, "The Elizabethan World Picture."  A tedious, artery-hardening work that is still fantastic.  Sister Miriam Joseph wrote "Shakespeare's Use of the Arts of Language," and she peeled the labels off of her beer.

7:56:  Manfriend:  "My very name is a dick joke."  Speaking of Shakespeare, I think, but I also think "manfriend" works just as well....

7:59:  Crystal:  "Lots of people are joking about the Myrmidons in the ghetto these days..."

8:05:  Feste's first song is in the key of "O."

8:06:  The first appearance of Haddaway's, "What is love?"  Feste's song, 2.3.46 in the Arden.  Look it up if you don't believe me.

8:07:  Jayce:  "Orsino would fall in love with a piece of timber if it would let him."

8:21:  Why this word now?

8:33:  It's been three months, and we're already forgetting the characters of Merchant.  "Nerissa and...douchebag, and Portia and...that other guy."

8:47:  Fabian is the Michael Vick of Illyria.

8:49:  "Look how imagination blows him."  No, that's really in the script.

8:58:  Finger puppets can help to explain things.

9:16:  "You should have banged the youth into dumbness."  Also in the script.  (3.2.21 in the Arden)

9:30:  Oh, Shakespeare, you are so meta....

9:36:  Rick (as Aguecheek) is posing during the description of his "valour," vaguely reminscent of some of the choreography from Cabaret.

9:48:  "You are well fleshed."  Again, script.

9:56:  Malvolio sounds a bit like Hepburn.

9:56:  And, Anne just snorted with laughter.  Well, all is one.

10:00:  Crystal:  "Umm, I have a question.  Am I supposed to be a priest?  And a priest of what?  And, am I a dude?"

10:20:  We're starting a band:  Sir Toby and the Lighter People.  Album #1:  "The Whirligig of Time."

10:23:  "Do you want to plug your wiki?"

10:29:  And we are done for the evening.  Another fantastic and fun rehearsal; back at it tomorrow.  And tomorrow, I am not called, so I will be free to live blog with reckless abandon and not have to worry about reading any of the words.  Good night!

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  1. I'm hoping a steampunk-infused show poster for Sir Toby and the Lighter People shows up at the theater somewhere ;)