Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tape-delayed blogging for tonight.

7:08:  We are at the Casa de Tromsness for tonight’s session, so we’re going to be non-technology and post all of this after the fact.  So welcome, everyone, and you’ll have all the delightful goodness all at once. 

7:18:  Discussion of the free-market economy.  “Oh, you sell computers?  But WE sell computers, and we’ve done it for a long time.  It would make us sad if you would sell computers.”

7:23:  1.1.  Nothing like starting off the play with one of the more famous speeches in Shakespeare.  Talk about scary.  The challenge of keeping Orsino active rather than languishing in melancholy for the whole play.

7:48:  1.2:  From the Utah Shakespeare festival:  Viola dresses as Sebastian so she doesn’t lose him.  When you never leave the grieving process, the one who is gone can remain indefinitely.

8:10:  The Tromsness dogs will be renamed “Fadge” and “Barful” for the run of this show. 

8:38:  Another famous scene—the Olivia and Viola in 1.5.  Making some good discoveries through this scene, and seeing this one change and develop. 

8:40:  Welcome to the Orsino Internship Program.  This year’s intern:  Cesario. 

8:43:  We fall in love with people who call us out on our crap.

8:58:  Backstage of the Muppet theatre is the most comforting place in the world.  And Jaime likes Scooter because he was the only rational one.

9:06:  The dreaded “Camillo” club:  all the functional characters that get no love.   Horatio, Camillo, Antonio, etc. 

9:08:  It’s like the Dread Pirate Roberts and Wesley!

9:25:  Parallelism throughout.

9:34:  It’s amazing to see the recurrence of ideas in this play.  Music, wet/dry, drink, madness, identity, twins, will, it’s all one.

9:49:  Anne enters, back from the Applied Theatre Conference.  Jayce called it:  when she saw the spread of food on the table, the response was, “Oh, my goodness.”  And Jayce insists that none of it is for potential future midnight snackage.

9:50:  Yay, verse!

9:55:  Antonio, the Pirate Queen.

9:59:  Sebastian gives really good backrubs.

10:06:  Shakespeare understood madness; repetition of the same thing day after day and expecting a different result.

10:23:  Well, that wraps us for tonight.  Relationships clarified, text figured out, and more progress toward a fantastic show.  Good night, everybody!

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